About Us

Progress Hero was founded by Duane Jackson as Supdate in 2015. In 2018, Crowdcube acquired it for an undisclosed sum, allowing Duane to focus on his new tech startup at the time.

When Crowdcube announced in late 2020 the impending closure of Supdate, fanboy, Manoj Ranaweera and merry men below decided to give it a new life in 2021. We want to thank Darren Westlake and the Crowdcube team for making this a possibility and Duane Jackson for creating it in the first place.

Instead of continuing with Supdate brand, we decided to rebrand as Progress Hero, which reflects our intention to fix the progress updating problem.

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No one like spending time on preparing progress reports

Progress reporting continues to be treated lower in the order of priority than most other things by those who run smaller businesses, especially tech startups.

Irony is that without knowing one’s progress, how can one improve performance and grow? We want to take away the pain of preparing regular progress reports and sharing them with investors, Board members and other stakeholders.

Our Team

The team transitioning Supdate into Progress Hero


Manoj Ranaweera

Been setting up, failing, running and exiting tech startups since 2004. Based out of Manchester, UK


Amila Palahepitiya

A well experienced CTO with significant tech startup experience based out of Manchester, UK


Salik Rafiq

A well experienced senior software developer transitioning to product manager from Manchester, UK


Andrew Threlfall

All rounder with significant commercial experience of growing a health tech startup in Manchester, UK.

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