Transitioning from Supdate to Progress Hero

Both Andrew Threlfall and me (Manoj Ranaweera) were early users of Supdate when Duane Jackson launched it nearly half a decade ago. We both used it on and off, but loved the simplicity of the tool.

At Techcelerate, our companies have struggled to update their progress on regular basis. Without knowing their progress, it is harder to find ways to help them overcome challenges and find ways to jointly help them accelerate growth.

When I heard that Crowdcube who acquired Supdate from Duane was going to shut it down, I approached Darren Westlake, CEO of Crowdcube who I have known from the beginning of their journey to explore taking the product forward.

In January 2021, Techcelerate Ltd became the custodian of the Supdate codebase. I called on the support of the Techcelerate community to dust off the product, apply a new coat of paint and take it to market.

Progress Hero Dashboard

Andrew Threlfall (CEO of Techcelerate’s largest tech company) and Amila Palahepitiya (Techcelerate’s Product Development Partner, Red Labs) rose to the challenge. Through SkilledUp Life, Salik Rafiq joined us to manage the product.

Once we took the covers off, we had to not just learn how the product was assembled, but had to nibble at removing significant technical debt the product has acquired over the years.

Today, Progress Hero is functional but has many areas to clean up. I hope this won’t put you off from benefiting from this nifty tool. On behalf of our team, we are excited to use the tool ourselves as well as get it into your hands, so that everyone can become a progress hero.

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